Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Angler



With the Holiday quickly approaching, its time to start thinking of the perfect gift, but not any. The one for your favorite Angler! Well, we made it a little easier and collected fishing goodies from our favorite Vendors to lessen the stress of Holiday shopping.

Hats and Sunglasses
Sunglasses and Hats

Summer, Spring, Fall, or Winter, casting shade from the elements are a necessity year long. But why not do it in style?  Constructed for anglers in mind, Costa and Serengeti sunglasses offer both style and protection with polarization to reduce glare from surfaces such as water. View our sunglass collection to find the right pair.

Already have a pair? Then top it off with a complimentary hat depicting your anglers favorite catch. From Marlins to Trout, view our hat collection to find the perfect hat that expresses the love of fishing.

Coolers & Storage Containers
Coolers and cups

Shop from a variety of top quality coolers and storage containers from trusted vendors, such as Yeti and Kula. Stylish, portable, and built rugged tough to withstand the harshest conditions while keeping cool “cool” and hot “hot”! View our collection to find the right fit for your camping or tailgating style.

For that angler on the go who needs to keep their drink Hot/Cold until the very last sip, then double-wall insulated no sweat cups from Viva and Yeti will do the job. View our collection of discounted tumblers and canisters.

Tackle Boxes
Tackle Boxes

Light weight and durable - the perfect marriage of simplicity and function for transporting essential gear from home to the honey hole. Keeps tackle protected and the tools handy for wherever the fish are biting. Choose from Vendors like Flambeau and Shimano.

The contents of your tackle box will vary, depending on the type of fish you plan to catch. So be sure to checkout our article “Tackle Box Essentials for Your Next Fishing Trip” to find nifty and helpful fishing accessories to fill the tackle box or use as stocking stuffers.

Reels and Rods
Reels and Rods

Determining what Reel or Rod to purchase can be confusing. Be sure to checkout, “Fishing Tips and Guides about Reels” and “Fishing Tips and Guides about Rods” for suggestions on how to shop Reels and Rods.  Some of our more popular items include:

Daiwa's evolution has always been associated with their state-of-the-art technology. Shop our vast collection of Daiwa quality reels and rods.

Shimano uses cutting edge technology that achieves exceptional strength and a lighter weight without sacrificing performance. Durable technology even under the harshest conditions.

G.Loomis offers the perfect rod to bait your favorite fish using your preferred method, Inshore, freshwater or fly fishing. Lots of new Rods to choose from.

TFO sets out to establish a new standard of value for fly and conventional rods.Temple Fork Outfitters rods prefer to spend their time fishing, and thus face a greater odd of breakage. Also equipped with a lifetime warranty.

Fishing Apparel
Apparel banner

Cloak your favorite angler in protective high-performance fishing gear from expert fishing apparel brands.

Pelegic is deeply rooted in surf, fish, and dive culture; it is driven by an undying thirst to provide the worldwide public with a name brand that identifies themselves with a single love for the ocean. Combining casual lifestyle wear and high-performance apparel, with headwear, footwear, gloves, and high end polarized optics.

Costa founded in Florida, offers more than just high-performance Sunglasses, they have a line of fishing apparel dedicated to expressing the passion of the angler lifestyle.

Grundens designs, develops and produces truly waterproof clothing for professional users.

Founded on the pillars of innovation Simms strives to build the highest quality products to keep anglers dry, comfortable, and protected from the elements - no matter the conditions. 
Fishing Accessories
Fishing Accessories

Having the right tool saves time and prevents safety hazards. View our article on “Tackle Box Essentials for your Next Fishing Trip”. The contents of a tackle box will vary depending on the type of fish you plan on catching, but this checklist will cover the basics. Also, view our article on “What's The Difference Between Mono, Fluoro, & Braided Fishing Line” to get a better idea of what fishing line to purchase.

Some baits will prove they catch fish and will achieve staying power. Shop our collection of freshwater & saltwater fishing lures from soft to hard bait.

Other tools needed include knives, pliers, Hooks, and grips. If you are pressed for time or just can’t figure out what to get, a JFF Gift card will be a welcome under the Christmas tree for any angler. View our Fishing accessories collection for more ideas. 

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