PowerPro Hollow-Ace Braided Line

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PowerPro hollow ace braided line

When our engineers began developing a new PowerPro hollow core line our goal was simple, create the next generation performance hollow core line with superior structure, durability and connection strength...enter Hollow Ace. With Hollow Ace you can achieve strength translation near 100% compared to 65% - 70% with a typical knot. Much easier to thread than other hollow products.




Series Braided Line
Family Type Hollowace
Colors Offered White, Hi-Vis Yellow, Marine Blue
Pound Test Offered 40lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 200lb
Line Type 16 carrier Spectra fiber construction allowing finger trap splices with monofilament or fluorocarbon.



Item Number Length Color Pound Test
21101003000HLY 3000yd/2750m Hi-Vis Yellow 100lb
21100401500HLW 1500yd/1350m White 40lb
21100401500HLY 1500yd/1350m Hi-Vis Yellow 40lb
21100800500HLY 500yd/455m Hi-Vis Yellow 80lb
21100401500HLA 1500yd/1350m Marine Blue 40lb
21100400500HLW 500yd/455m White 40lb
21100800500HLW 500yd/455m White 80lb
21100400500HLA 500yd/455m Marine Blue 40lb
21100400500HLY 500yd/455m Hi-Vis Yellow 40lb
21100801500HLY 1500yd/1350m Hi-Vis Yellow 80lb
21101300100HLW 100yd/92m White 130lb
21101300100HLY 100yd/92m Hi-Vis Yellow 130lb
21100603000HLW 3000yd/2750m White 60lb
21100603000HLY 3000yd/2750m Hi-Vis Yellow 60lb
21100603000HLA 3000yd/2750m Marine Blue 60lb
21101300100HLA 100yd/92m Marine Blue 130lb
21100800500HLA 500yd/455m Marine Blue 80lb
21100801500HLW 1500yd/1350m White 80lb
21102001500HLW 1500yd/1350m White 200lb
21102003000HLW 3000yd/2750m White 200lb
21102003000HLY 3000yd/2750m Hi-Vis Yellow 200lb
21100600100HLY 100yd/92m Hi-Vis Yellow 60lb
21102003000HLA 3000yd/2750m Marine Blue 200lb
21101301500HLW 1500yd/1350m White 130lb
21100600100HLW 100yd/92m White 60lb
21101301500HLA 1500yd/1350m Marine Blue 130lb
21101301500HLY 1500yd/1350m Hi-Vis Yellow 130lb
21101001500HLY 1500yd/1350m Hi-Vis Yellow 100lb
21100801500HLA 1500yd/1350m Marine Blue 80lb
21101001500HLW 1500yd/1350m White 100lb
21101300500HLY 500yd/455m Hi-Vis Yellow 130lb
21101001500HLA 1500yd/1350m Marine Blue 100lb
21101300500HLA 500yd/455m Marine Blue 130lb
21101300500HLW 500yd/455m White 130lb
21102001500HLA 1500yd/1350m Marine Blue 200lb
21100800100HLA 100yd/92m Marine Blue 80lb
21102001500HLY 1500yd/1350m Hi-Vis Yellow 200lb
21101003000HLW 3000yd/2750m White 100lb
21100803000HLY 3000yd/2750m Hi-Vis Yellow 80lb
21100403000HLA 3000yd/2750m Marine Blue 40lb
21100803000HLA 3000yd/2750m Marine Blue 80lb
21100803000HLW 3000yd/2750m White 80lb
21100403000HLY 3000yd/2750m Hi-Vis Yellow 40lb
21101000100HLY 100yd/92m Hi-Vis Yellow 100lb
21100403000HLW 3000yd/2750m White 40lb
21102000100HLA 100yd/92m Marine Blue 200lb
21101000100HLA 100yd/92m Marine Blue 100lb
21100600500HLY 500yd/455m Hi-Vis Yellow 60lb
21101003000HLA 3000yd/2750m Marine Blue 100lb
21100600500HLA 500yd/455m Marine Blue 60lb
21100600500HLW 500yd/455m White 60lb
21102000100HLW 100yd/92m White 200lb
21102000100HLY 100yd/92m Hi-Vis Yellow 200lb
21101000100HLW 100yd/92m White 100lb
21102000500HLY 500yd/455m Hi-Vis Yellow 200lb
21100800100HLW 100yd/92m White 80lb
21100400100HLY 100yd/92m Hi-Vis Yellow 40lb
21101000500HLA 500yd/455m Marine Blue 100lb
21100400100HLA 100yd/92m Marine Blue 40lb
21100400100HLW 100yd/92m White 40lb
21101000500HLY 500yd/455m Hi-Vis Yellow 100lb
21100800100HLY 100yd/92m Hi-Vis Yellow 80lb
21101000500HLW 500yd/455m White 100lb
21101303000HLA 3000yd/2750m Marine Blue 130lb
21102000500HLW 500yd/455m White 200lb
21100601500HLY 1500yd/1350m Hi-Vis Yellow 60lb
21102000500HLA 500yd/455m Marine Blue 200lb
21100601500HLA 1500yd/1350m Marine Blue 60lb
21100601500HLW 1500yd/1350m White 60lb
21101303000HLW 3000yd/2750m White 130lb
21101303000HLY 3000yd/2750m Hi-Vis Yellow 130lb
21100600100HLA 100yd/92m Marine Blue 60lb







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