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Falcon CARA T7 Graphite Blank | Fuji Guides | Fuji Exposed Blank Reel Seat

The Cara T7s represent a major step forward, outfitted with streamlined, anti-grooving Fuji Alconite Concept guides.

Sleeker, lighter, corrosion-resistant S-4 stainless steel frames hold rings made with a new generation of Alconite ceramic that is lighter and 80 percent stronger than aluminum oxide. A diamond polishing process makes the guide inserts smoother, increasing casting distance and preventing grooving with small-diameter, low-stretch braided line. Falcon applies a thicker flex coat to protect the guide wraps from damaging rays from the sun.

The Cara T7 series supersede previous Cara casting, Cara spinning and Cara Reaction models, but the heart of the new series remains Falcon’s American-made Cara T7 Graphite blank, a proprietary weave of high modulus graphite praised for its balance of sensitivity and durability.


For all casting models Falcon specified Fuji’s newest blank-through ACS trigger-style reel seat which has been shown to increase casting accuracy, lure control, as well as reduce arm and wrist fatigue. The ergonomic trigger, hollowed-out for less weight, is shaped for the index finger. In addition, the trigger has been repositioned in such as way that the rod tip automatically will line up with the direction of the cast, resulting in better accuracy.


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