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Falcon LowRider 20 Series Spinning Rods Fishing

Lighter. Longer Casts. More Sensitive. More Accurate.

The year was 1995. Falcon introduced the “LowRider” series of rods and marked a major change in the design of fishing rods. Founder John Beckwith recalls, “I had heard that competitive long-distance casters were using little, tiny, single-foot guides instead of the big double-footed guides that were the industry standard at that time. This made sense to me. The smaller guides tamed the line coming off the reel and really reduced line slap and friction all the way up the length of the rod. So, longer casts.” Falcon Rods pioneered a new fishing rod design quite different from what other companies had been doing year after year.
Falcon LowRider 20 Series Spinning Rods Guides
This new rod looked different. It had more guides than other rods of the same length. Also, the guides had only one foot attached to the blank, not two, and they were only about half the size of guides on other rods. These guides were much closer to the blank than their predecessors.

This was the first Falcon “LowRider” rod.

But Beckwith recognized another big advantage. Because the fishing line would ride closer to the blanks the angler would have more “feel.” The angler would detect more fish strikes, feel the lure swimming through the water column, feel it bumping against structure, touching the bottom, or moving through vegetation.  They were noticeably lighter, too. Tournament anglers gained a competitive edge. As the word spread, Falcon introduced new, task-specific models.

The new “LowRider 20” celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the first LowRider with new features and look.

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