Falcon LowRider Salt Series Spinning Rods

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American-made XG graphite blank | Fuji chrome finish stainless steel guides for improved corrosion resistance | LowRider guide concept for increased casting distance and sensitivity | Natural cork handles | Saltwater Specification | Made in  the USA


Falcon | LowRider Salt

“Inshore anglers will definitely agree...a must for serious artificial lure enthusiasts.” - C.A. Richardson

“I’m excited about the launch of Falcon Rod’s new “LowRider Salt Series." Flats Class has had a hand in working with the rod designers and ownership at Falcon Rods to incorporate the highly regarded LowRider blank into a true saltwater angling tool. The new “LowRider Salt” has Fuji chrome finish stainless steel guides for improved corrosion resistance and the same LowRider guide concept that gives anglers increased casting distance and sensitivity. The new “LowRider Salt” will also have more true saltwater specific actions and natural cork handles that are preferred by discriminating inshore anglers... plus they are all made right here in the USA! The entire “LowRider Salt” series has specific models that will cover every scenario and species for inshore enthusiasts, including a fantastic beach tarpon spinning rod and the new “Flats Class” models designed to cast artificial baits to trout and redfish on the shallow flats!

 Falcon LowRider Salt Series Rods Handles


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