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A few years ago, during visits to the Florida Keys, we noticed a lot of guides rinsing off their rods and reels back at the docks and then carrying them up to their truck to go home. We asked them why they didn't take them apart and they said, "We never take them apart. No need to... we store them with reels and lines on." That's when it hit us! If these guys were happy to leave the rods assembled, even going so far as to glue the ferrules together, why not make a one-piece rod and avoid the ferrules all together? We used our "fiber blend technology" to create a high performance blank that has an incredible combination of light weight, strength and power. They're light, sensitive and sneaky powerful. If you're one of those fanatical saltwater flats anglers that doesn't require the convenience of a travel rod, this is the innovative thinking you've come to expect from G.Loomis. Each rod comes in a protective rod sock. Pro-1 CrossCurrent fly rods are the buzz of the saltwater fly market. Just another way we help make each day you spend on the water memorable!







Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Power Taper Price
11617-01 FR 1069-1 CC PRO-1 8' 10" A 1 9 Stiff Fast $475
11889-01 FR 10611-1 CC PRO-1 8' 10" A 1 11 Stiff Fast $500
11618-01 FR 10610-1 CC PRO-1 8' 10" A 1 10 Stiff Fast $490
11619-01 FR 10612-1 CC PRO-1 8' 10" A 1 12 Stiff Fast $505
11898-01 FR 1067-1 CC PRO-1 8' 10" A 1 7 Stiff Fast $450
11616-01 FR 1068-1 CC PRO-1 8' 10" A 1 8 Stiff Fast $460









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