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Twitching marabou and feather jigs for Silver Salmon isn't a new technique, but it's certainly fun! Most anglers opt to use their normal steelhead rod for this technique, but as they master the technique, they realize it requires a specific rod action to fish the jigs effectively. It's relatively easy. You cast the jig to likely looking holding water, let it sink a bit, then lift it as you crank it two or three turns, letting it fall back towards the bottom, repeating the process two or three times. If the silvers are in their normal, aggressive mood, you won't have to jig it more than two or three times. The strike can be so subtle, it's nothing more than a tick as you let the jig sink, but when they're fresh and down near tidewater, it can be your basic "yank!" Most of the bites come as the jig sinks and it takes a good touch to recognize it, but that's where IMX shines. It's light and extremely sensitive so you can fish all day without fatigue and know exactly what's happening to your jig as you fish your favorite run. The rods are short so you can make quick, accurate casts, maneuver the jig properly and react quickly . There are two models... one for light jigs and softer water and one for the heavier, faster current that requires a heavier jig. Both have extra-fast actions with powerful butt-sections for setting the hook with light tips to cast the jigs easily. The longer rod not only handles bigger jigs, but will be a big help when you hook that surprise king.

Handle Charts:


Action Charts:

Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action Price
12168-01 IMX 9000S TWCHR 7' 6" D 1 6 - 12 1/4 - 1/2 Mag-Light Ex-Fast $295
12169-01 IMX 931S TWCHR 7' 9" D 1 10 - 20 1/4 - 1 Mag-Medium Ex-Fast $310

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