G.Loomis NRX PRO1 Fly Rods

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The thing that made our original Pro-1 CrossCurrent Saltwater rods so dynamic was the weight reduction gained by a 1-piece blank, along with the durability and weight of the RECOIL guide system. We used "fiber blend technology" to create a blank that has an incredible combination of strength and power and they were noticeably lighter than the multi-piece versions. Now, using that same design theory with NRX, plus a little more power in the butt-section, we've created the ultimate in power, performance and feel in a series of saltwater fly rods. Extreme may be the best way to describe the performance. They are so light it's hard to imagine and extremely powerful. How many times have you been told by your guide that a bonefish just ate your fly and you had no clue. With the "NRX PRO-1" saltwater fly rods you'll experience a level of sensitivity so intense that you'll feel everything that happens to your fly and you'll be ready when that fish of a lifetime makes his move. The other major advantage of NRX is the durability! It features a unique resin system that incorporates nano-sized silica particles to increase the bonding surface within the matrix of the graphite fibers, providing incredible structural strength, allowing anglers to concentrate on fighting the fish without fear of rod failure. We've improved the guide system by using the new "smoke" RECOIL guides. This system reduces line noise and offers smooth, friction-free line movement when casting and fighting a fish. NRX is the culmination of years of research by the G.Loomis engineering team and a boon for saltwater fly rodders everywhere. It's what you've come to expect from the leader in fly rod technology!







Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Power Taper Price
12153-01 NRX 1068-1 PRO-1 8' 10" C 1 8 Stiff Extra Fast $725
12154-01 NRX 10611-1 PRO-1 8' 10" D 1 11 Stiff Extra Fast $785
12155-01 NRX 10612-1 PRO-1 8' 10" D 1 12 Stiff Extra Fast $815
12095-01 NRX 1069-1 PRO-1 8' 10" D 1 9 Stiff Extra Fast $750
12096-01 NRX 10610-1 PRO-1 8' 10" D 1 10 Stiff Extra Fast $775






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