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Just when you thought fly rods couldn't get any lighter or more dynamic, along comes a rod that surpasses anything ever made. Thanks to a proprietary, high-tech, nano-silica resin system and the genius of rod designer, Steve Rajeff, these NRX saltwater fly rods are the ultimate in extreme performance. They have an unbelievable "strength-to-weight" ratio and can handle everything from bonefish to small tuna. Tarpon anglers, especially those traveling to far off places, really appreciate the 4-piece construction. Wind is not problem given the fast tapers and stiff design that create incredibly tight loops for long, accurate casts, even in the wind. Ranging from a sneaky powerful 7-weight, all the way up to the tarpon lover's 12-weight, there isn't a fish on the flats or in the tidewater you can't handle. Small tuna, big Cobia, even striped and white marlin are no match for the strength and power of NRX. It's everything you want in a saltwater fly rod and more!





Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Power Taper Price
11919-01 NRX 1088-4 9' C 4 8 Stiff Fast $805
11920-01 NRX 1089-4 9' C 4 9 Stiff Fast $815
11921-01 NRX 10810-4 9' D 4 10 Stiff Fast $845
11922-01 NRX 10811-4 9' D 4 11 Stiff Fast $870
11923-01 NRX 10812-4 9' D 4 12 Stiff Fast $900
11918-01 NRX 1087-4 9' C 4 7 Stiff Fast $795






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