G.Loomis NRX TWO HAND Fly Rods

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NRX two-hand rods are the culmination of what we've been doing here at G.Loomis since day one! It's all about continual improvements and never settling for just "good enough". It's striving to build the best rod on the planet. Better, more dynamic laminates, resin systems, mandrels, components and graphite know-how is what we're all about. When you think of advancements of graphite rod building technology you think of G.Loomis, but these new NRX rods are nothing like we've ever built before. They feel better, cast better and fish better than any rod we've ever made. We're not talking about a little better... we're saying, so there is absolutely no confusion, that these are the best two-hand fly rods ever built... PERIOD!! There are two color options available for every NRX fly rod we make. Choose the bold, outrageously aggressive matte-black rods with the bright blue wraps or the more traditional "evergreen" rods with complimentary green & silver wraps. They incredibly light and so easy to cast. It's a major breakthrough in rod blank technology coupled with Steve Rajeff's design capability that makes these rods so dramatic.





Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Scandi Grams/Grains Skagit Grams/Grains Taper Power Price
12157-01 NRX 1567/8-4 G 13' E 4 7/8 30 g/460 gr 34 g/520 gr Fast Medium-Stiff $1,130
12041-01 NRX 1568/9-4 FLY G 13' B 4 8/9 32 g\ 500gr 36 g/550 gr Fast Med Stiff $1,070
12042-01 NRX 1689/10-4 FLY G 14' C 4 9/10 36 g\ 550 gr 40 g/600 gr Fast Med Stiff $1,120
12104-01 NRX 1686/7-4 G 14' F 4 6/7 28 g/440 gr 32 g/500 gr Fast Medium-Stiff $1,050
12105-01 NRX 1688/9-4 G 14' F 4 8/9 34 g/540 gr 38 g/580 gr Fast Medium-Stiff $1,150
12043-01 NRX 18010/11-4 FLY G 15' C 4 10/11 42 g\ 650 gr 46 g/700 gr Fast Med Stiff $1,190




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