G.Loomis Pro Blue Series Fishing Rods

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Knowing that you might run into a genuine “monster of the deep” at any time is what makes saltwater fishing special. It’s what makes you go back, time after time, sea-sickness be damned. It’s the competition and the quarry, it’s big fish on “not so big” gear, it’s kicking your buddy’s butt time after time or just sharing “quiet time” on the water. No matter what your excuse, saltwater fishing can be about as exciting as it gets. Our goal is to help you enjoy the experience, but it doesn’t have to be work. Pro Blue stand-up rods are designed to make your day on the water a lot more enjoyable. At the end of the day, we’d rather have you concentrating on photographs and memories, not sore muscles. These aren’t your average stand-up rods. They’re a blend of the traditional flats rods and bay rods with cork handles, heavy-duty Fuji reel seats, Fuji guides and blanks designed with dynamic, fast-actions that allow you to wrestle big fish without any distractions or malfunctions. These are truly specialized rods. We put a lot of effort in their design and we’re confident you’ll feel the difference immediately. They may feel like lightweights because they are, but there’s a power so intense and so mystical that you’ll wonder how we did it. That’s our secret and your advantage.

Handle Charts:


Action Charts:

Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action Price
11507-01 PBR 785 C 6' 6" C 1 20 - 40 n/a Med-Heavy Fast $280
11503-01 PBR 843 S 7' A 1 12 - 25 n/a Med-Heavy Fast $265
11504-01 PBR 843 C 7' C 1 12 - 25 n/a Med-Heavy Fast $280
11505-01 PBR 844 S 7' A 1 15 - 30 n/a Heavy Fast $265
11506-01 PBR 844 C 7' D 1 15 - 30 n/a Heavy Fast $280
11888-01 PBR 902 S 7' 6" B 1 10 - 20 n/a Medium Ex-Fast $265
11508-01 PBR 963 S 8' A 1 12 - 25 n/a Med-Heavy Fast $275

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