Humpback Technical Long Sleeve Shirts ( UVP30+)

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Quick Dry:

Excellent wicking ability that helps fabric absorb sweat, diffuse and quick dry.

Moisture Wicking:

Moisture evaporates quickly; better cool hand feel than natural fiber.

Breathable High-Performance Fiber:

The inner layer has a special three-dimensional weave, making use of the principles of siphonage and capillarity to guide sweat to the exterior of the material where it evaporates. This ensures the wearer remains dry and avoids being covered in sweat and the uncomfortable sensation of clothing sticking to one's skin after physical exercise.


  • 100% Polyester

  • 2-Way Stretch

  • UV Protection 30+: UV radiation Blocked up to 96%

  • Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Material

  • Cooling:moisture evaporates quickly; better cool hand feel than natural fiber.

  • Easy Care:machine washable and dries quickly.

  • Suitable for Nordic Walking, Team Sports, Running, Gym, Surfing, Sun Sports..., etc.

  • Certified By AATCC183





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