Joy Fish 18 Lb Test Standard grade (100/1000 pcs) Nylon Cable Ties

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Our Joy Fish Cable ties meet most basic cable tie needs, with choices covering a wide range of requirements for size and strength.One-piece, injection-moulded construction provides maximum strength and adjustability for securing all sizes of bundles.
extra features such as rounded edges and bent-tip design make installation easy, fast, accurate and secure.


Split mandrel, loop ultimate tensile strength tests show that the most vulnerable stress point for a nylon cable tie is its pawl.There is a trade-off between insertion/pull-up ease and strength of a cable tie.The stronger the pawl, the more force is required to insert and pull up the strap as it engages the pawl teeth.Our Cable ties are designed to optimize insertion ease and still meet or exceed all applicable strength requirements.




Refer to the above sketch,the magnified cross-section illustrates our full four-tooth locking engagement between strap and pawl under load.Our Joy Fish cable tie is designed four tooth locking by using CAD/CAE& CAM prosses.this intimate contact between pawl and strap teeth ensures that the strength of the pawl is fully utilized. 





Certificate Compliance:

Our Joy Fish Cable Ties were tested according to the current UL requirement:
UL 62275 - Cable Management Systems -Cable Ties for Electrical Installations CSA C22.2 No.62275-10-Standard for Cable Management Systems -Cable Ties for Electrical Installations


Miniature Series(18lb)

100/4.0" 2.5+-0.15/
21 8/18




Our Joy Fish Cable Ties come in a variety of types, sizes, and colors. These injection molded cable ties feature one-piece construction to produce a strong and highly reliable wrap. Once applied, the permanent locking feature of the cable ties assures a tight and secure hold. Currently, we offer three styles: Joy FishTies, Grip Cable Ties, and Releasable Cable Ties. Extra features include rounded smooth edges, positive-locking teeth, bent tip, and self-locking head.

Additional Information: 

Material: Nylon 6/6 

Flammability: UL 94V-2

Working Temperature: -40 degreesF to 185 degreesF

Color :stock in natural & black

Made to comply with MIL-SPEC M20693B, ultimate tensile strength meet or exceed MIL-S 23190E Standard

Remark: Stable quality and low insertion



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