Best Lures & Bait for Summer Bass Fishing -

Don’t get frustrated fishing this Summer, Using the right tackle gear could land you the biggest bass of your life. Lures and presentations that catch bass during the Summer in a variety of waterbody types are the focus.


Skirted jigs are great year-round bait. They catch bass in warm or cold water, in grass, rocks, woods, and open water. You can fish them in 2 feet deep or drag the bottom. In the winter, skip a brown jig/craw combo along steep rocky banks. In summer, thread on a paddle tail and swim a bluegill colored jig around shoreline grasses. The bottom line is that no matter the cover, depth, or season – Jigs will get you bites 365 days a year.





Jerkbaits are not just winter bait. They are also great all summer long to rip through scattered grass or rapidly twitch them over expansive flats. The only rule of thumb for summertime Jerkbaiting is that you can’t fish one too fast.




Although bass feed on a variety of different food species, the one thing they’ll never stop eating is crawfish. Crawfish are found in shallow weeds as well as deep rocks. Plastic craws can be fished on the back of a jig, flipped into cover, dragged on a Carolina rig, and fished on a shakey head. They imitate one of bass’ most important forage species, and as such work wonders anytime the bass are around crawfish.


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