How to choose a oyster knife

If you’re like most people who enjoy eating oysters and clams, you don’t enjoy the process of shucking them. In order to shuck them properly, you need to have a good oyster knife. An oyster knife is used primarily for probing and prying open the shells, so razor sharp blades are unnecessary. Here are the features that make the perfect clam oyster knife:


  • A sharp, strong stainless steel blade is the best option.  Oysters and clams contain a large amount of natural salt which is very corrosive to metal. Stainless steel is the most resistant material to corrosion, which is why it is the preferred choice for professional kitchen knives.
  • The knife blade needs to be short. Longer knife blades will bend or snap when you apply sideways pressure on them.
  • The handle should be large enough to allow you to keep a solid grip on the knife while wearing protective gloves and applying substantial force if necessary. While wood handles are common, a more sanitary choice is to select a knife with a polyethylene handle.
  • Since you may be shucking clams or oysters for a longer period of time, the knife should be light enough for you to use comfortably for extended periods. 


When choosing shucking knives, make sure they are durable, strong and priced under $30. A quality knife will make shucking oysters or clams a much easier, less tedious process.

One knife I recommend is the RONIN SHARP 4 Inch Oyster Knife. This oyster knife is commercial grade and used by both restaurants and homes across the world. RONIN has been one of the leaders in kitchen and food processing cutlery and their knives are well known for being sharp, strong and durable. This knife is preferred by professionals and can be seen in some of the most renowned seafood restaurants and oyster bars in the US. The RONIN SHARP Oyster Knife has a 4” long stainless steel blade with an ergonomic polyethylene handle that provides plenty of leverage to shuck safely. My opinion is that this is the finest oyster knife available on the market.

If you need a knife for shucking clams, then I also recommend the RONIN SHARP 3” Clam Knife. It is high-quality and has all of the same benefits as their oyster knives – strong, durable and safe. Be sure to get one for your next clam bake!



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