BAITCASTING REELS 2018: Best Picks and Tips -

Learn what to look for in a Baitcasting Reel!

Baitcasting Reels are known for more Power, Longer Casts, and Better Control over the line and lure.

There are a few things to consider when trying to decide what Baitcasting Reel is right for you.



  • Heavier - Usually Aluminum and Corrosion Resistant for heavy Saltwater fishing.
  • Larger Spools - Hold more Line and use Heavier Line.
  • Good for large running fish - Like Salmon and Pike!

Low Profile/Teardrop

  • Lighter - Usually contains Mix of Graphite and Aluminum
  • Ergonomic Design - Means wrist action is easier.
  • Good for Freshwater - A great choice for Bass!



Star Drag

  • Adjusted from the Side between the Reel and Handle
  • Better Cast and Easier to use for beginners.
  • Great for jigging and Inshore fish under 40 lb

Lever Drag

  • Adjusted from the Top of the Reel/Handle
  • More Precise control over Drag setting with the ability to preset a Drag Maximum.
  • Good for trolling and Large Offshore fish over 40 lb

TIP: Loosen the Star Drag when storing the Reel to increase longevity.



Fast- 7:1 and Higher

  • For Faster Fish- “Pitch & Reel” Style
  • Live Small Bait- Like Worms and Grubs

Medium- Around 6:1

  • Most Versatile Speed
  • Artificial Lures- Like Jerkbaits and Spinners

Slow-  5:1 and Lower

  • For Deep Fish- Long Casts and Slow Reeling with control.
  • Large Live Bait- Including Crankbaits and Deep Divers

TIP: It is hard to cast lightweight Lures with Baitcasting Reels. Use artificial lures at least 0.25 lb or Heavier!



Centrifugal - Uses Friction to Control the Line with pins inside the Reel Sideplate

  • Easier to “Set and Forget” with Fewer Adjustments.

Magnetic - Uses Magnets to Control the Spool

  • Adjustments are External for quick changes during the cast.

TIP: A Dual Brake System is great for beginners just learning how to use a Baitcasting Reel!



  • Aluminum- Heavier
  • Graphite- Lighter but Less Durable

TIP: To AVOID BACKLASH control the speed of the spool with your thumb and do not release too early.



  • Handles on Baitcasting Reels are not Interchangeable!
  • Look for Soft Rubber Knobs
  • Choose Oversized Handles

TIP: To REVERSE backlashes reel the handle while pressing your thumb on the spool.



  • Quality over Quantity- More Bearings usually means smoother performance BUT the quality of the Bearing material is most important!
  • Look for Shielded or Sealed Ball Bearings


LINES & LEADERS: No line twist with Baitcasting Reels since the fishing line feeds directly into the spool!
  • Use 10-lb Line or Heavier
  • Fluorocarbon- For Clear water conditions  
  • Monofilament- Versatile for all conditions
  • Braided- For Thick Weeds or Vegetation- Set your Drag a little lighter!

TIP: Set the Tension Control Knob located by the drag and handle. So that any lure you use will fall lightly during free spool.


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