When to use Live Bait or Artificial Lures?

It all depends on time and effort when it comes to picking the best fishing bait for your fishing trip.

Since fish spend a very small portion of the day actively feeding(biting), all types of fishing bait are used to either stimulate their appetite or trigger responses.
  • Live Bait stimulates appetite and offers the fish what they already eat naturally.

            - Live Freshwater Bait can range from $2.50 - $25.00/dozen

            - Live Saltwater Bait can cost $25 - $100/dozen

NOTE: Learn how to save money using Cast Net and Traps to catch your own Live Bait!
  • Artificial Lures stimulate responses and offer fish the appearance of live bait using noise, flash, decoration, and motion.

            - Freshwater Lures in singles/packs can cost $1.50 - $10.00

            - Saltwater Lures range from $5.00 - $20.00

NOTE: Artificial Lures can be reused again.



  • LIVE BAIT requires more time to prepare and wait to catch fish.
  • ARTIFICIAL LURES require more active participation in order to catch fish.



Seasoned anglers know that there are benefits to using both Live Bait and Artificial Lures.

Sometimes you want to sit back and enjoy the anticipation and ease of waiting for Live Bait to naturally make the fish to bite.

Other times you may welcome the action and challenge of using Artificial Lures to bring the fish to you.

Try using both on your next fishing trip!

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