Clam Knife, 3 Inch by RONIN SHARP

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RONIN is a legendary Japanese Samurai with intelligent, sharp, and strong spirit. RONIN SHARP Knife follow these characteristics as STRONG, SHARP, and DURABLE.

* Durable Stainless Steel

* 3" Long, Sharp, Strong Blade

* Ergonomic Design

* Grip Firmly, Shuck Safely

* Polyethylene Handle

* Tough & Sanitary

How To Choose A Clam Knife

Clams are great additions to chowders, linguine or even eaten raw. Like many people who love to eat them, you probably don’t enjoy shucking clams. To properly shuck them you need to have a good clam knife. The knife slides into the clam shell in a pressing motion that cuts the muscles that hold the clam shell closed. Here are the attributes of the perfect clam knife:


  • The blade of the clam knife must be short. Longer blades can bend or snap when sideways pressure is applied to them. A strong stainless-steel blade is the best option to prevent corrosion. 


  • A clam knife is designed to effectively pry open the shell and remove the muscle. It is important not to confuse a clam knife with an oyster knife which is used differently. Oyster knives are sharp on both sides of the knife blade, making them dangerous to use with clams. 


  • A clam knife should have a rounded tip and two different blade edges. One blade is dull and the other blade is as sharp as a butter knife.  The knife is designed this way so you can open the clam without injuring your hand. The tip of the knife can also be used for scooping out the clam.


  • Select a clam knife with a soft, non-slip grip handle for better comfort and safety For sanitary purposes, you should choose a polyethylene handle over wood handles.


  • If you plan to shuck a large amount of clams, be sure that the knife is light enough to use comfortably. 



It’s much easier to open and shuck clams with a quality clam knife. When choosing knives, make sure they are strong, durable and cost less than $20.



If you need a knife for shucking clams then I recommend the RONIN SHARP 3” Clam Knife. This is a commercial grade clam knife used by restaurants, seafood eateries, buffets and for retail use. The RONIN SHARP Clam Knife has a 3” long stainless-steel blade with an ergonomic handle that provides plenty of force to safely shuck. It is high-quality and has all of the same benefits as their oyster knives – strong, durable and safe.


Be sure to get one for your next clam bake!

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