Temple Fork TAC Inshore Series Rods

Temple Fork OutfittersSKU: ROTFOTACISC692-1

Type: Casting
Model: TAC IC 692-1
$ 189.95
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Porter
Tac inshore home run!

Tfo has done it again! Super lightweight rods with a true action. I can cast all day without fatigue. The color and build quality is what I’d expect from Tfo in this price range. Love how smooth braid flows through the Fuji guides. Perfect!

Elegant, powerful, sensitive!

I have only had this rod for 9 days, however I've taken it on 5 fishing trips! 2 on a dock and 3 out on the water. I have caught 5 redfish (biggest so far was 25", smallest was 20") and 2 catfish, I've used it to cast out cut ladyfish, cut mullet, jig heads from zman and DOA, top water lures, and wacky rigs. I've had 3 different reels on it to test it out, Shimano nexave 5000, Shimano Nasci fb 5000, and the reel that sits on it now the Daiwa Fuego lt 4000. Mostly what I use is braid, generally speaking power pro 4 and 8 strand 30lb test. It casts accurately, it casts far if I need it to however I haven't had a trip where I really was able to cast it out as far as I could. I actually had to stop the line a couple times because it was so easy to cast it out far and I did not want to get stuck in the rocks! This rod is nice and sensitive, the Fuji k guides definitely help prevent wind knots and getting a smooth cast while using braid, although I haven't tried anything besides braid on it. To call it stunningly beautiful is an understatement! The beautiful metallic blue blank paired with black guide wraps accented by silver trim makes it captivating to the eye. The cork is nice quality, it has held up to brackish, fresh, and salt water just fine so far. It's a medium heavy power rod but it feels super light in the hand, the fast action really helps you feel the fish when they're taking your bait! It's a sensitive rod but not incredibly so, I've had rods less and more sensitive than it, so it falls into the upper middle when it comes to sensitivity. This rod fights fish super well! If you've ever caught a redfish (a red drum) you know they fight HARD! And this rod allows me to pull them right into the net to bring them aboard the boat! There was a piece of plastic sticking out of the fore grip in front of the reel seat that was sharp and a pain in the butt to remove, but that's me nitpicking. The reel seat is skeletonized so it shows the blank and supposedly helps with sensitivity and feeling the bites, I think it does help but not so much that it makes a big difference. I give it 4 stars because it is still a new rod for me, while it has landed me a decent amount of fish it's not time tested yet. I hope it continues being a superb rod! I have plenty of pictures but the site doesn't have a way of uploading it and attaching it to my review. I will say that it is pricy, but it is a fantastic rod. I always get compliments on the look of the rod anytime someone sees it! I heard thqt tfo has a limited lifetime warranty, but I hear it is a pain in the neck to deal with their customer service and that you may be spending anywhere from $35-$80 if you need to send in your rod and get it fixed, so be aware of that! However this $80 is less than outright buying a new rod so take that into consideration, and I have heard positive things about their customer service/warranty...just food for thought. If you can afford it, you love full cork handles, love blue, like compliments/attention, and want a great performing rod then look no further than this TFO inshore fishing rod!

Great Rod from a great Tackle Store

Great price for a rod of this quality. Solid materials as one would expect from Temple Fork. They don’t have the reputation name like a Loomis or a Croix, but they are just as good and even better when you compare value. Just for fishing is a fantastic place with great customer service.

Andrew Hessen

Excellent rod and Just for fishing kept me up to date on shipping and delivery

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