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Trident Hook 2X In-Line Offset Circle Hooks - GK Series
Ohero Trident Hook Trident Hook 2X Long Shank In-Line Circle-for big fish inshor or off shore-KK series
Ohero Trident Hook Trident All Purpose Bait Hook - good for fishing purpose DK series
Ohero Trident Hook Trident Hook Bait Buster Classic Bait Hooks- live bait best CK series
Ohero Terminal Tackle Bait Buster Classic Hook Pro CK3236
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Trident Hook In-Line Circle Hooks - TK Series Pocket Pack
Ohero Terminal Tackle Ohero Trident In-Line Circle Hooks- TK3214 PRO Pack
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Lee Fisher International, Inc. Trident Hook Trident Hook J-Circle wide gap circle hook for fresh and salt water-JK series

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